COVID-19 Care Plan

In early 2020, a novel coronavirus was discovered to be spreading globally. As the crisis heightens, we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to protect the health of our customers and staff members without leaving anybody without a vehicle to make it home in.

We strongly suggest that all Canadians stay informed and follow the recommendations from the Government of Canada, which can be found here.

We can appreciate that buying a new vehicle may be the very last thing on your mind right about now. However, in the north, many industries depend on their vehicles to get through a day’s work. For that reason, our doors remain open for the time being.

Please continue reading for our change in procedures regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are, still, Driving Life in the North.

These procedures are to protect not only our staff, but you, our customer.

We understand that we all rely heavily on our vehicles these days, and we do not want to put a barrier between you and your mobility. The following is our first line of defense to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the City of Prince George and the surrounding area.

Throughout the dealership, we are holding daily staff meetings to keep everyone informed of updates in our area and across the country surrounding this pandemic.

Strict hand hygiene is being stressed to all staff members, and Health Canada handwashing infographics have been placed at each sink to remind our customers of its importance. We have hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the dealership for both staff and customer use.

We have enacted a “before-and-after” vehicle sanitation process for both the Sales and Service Departments, which calls for thorough sanitation of common touchpoints in vehicles and their keys as they are passed from customer to dealer and vice versa.

Our dealership is also being disinfected as a whole by our janitorial team after-hours twice per week.

These policies are in place to protect all of us, and we are committed to them.

What you can expect in the Service Department:

  • Upon arrival in the Service Drive-Thru, you will be greeted by an attendant who will thoroughly sanitize the common touchpoints in the vehicle, including the driver’s side door handle, steering wheel, shift knob, etc. We will also quickly swab down your keys.
  • During your vehicle’s visit, we have a Customer Shuttle available to take you back home if a rental vehicle is not covered by your vehicle’s warranty. Should you wish to remain at the dealership, we have plenty of disinfectant wipes and antibacterial hand santizer gel available for both our staff and customers.
  • Upon pick-up, your vehicle and its keys will be sanitized again before you receive them. For added peace-of-mind, we can provide materials for you to do this yourself upon request.

What you can expect in the Sales Department:

  • Handshakes and hugs have been called off for the foreseeable future. Trust us – we’re as excited to see you as always.
  • Considering trading-in? All vehicle appraisals will take on the before-and-after sanitation approach. Your vehicle will be sanitized by a Sales Manager before and after your appraisal.
  • Want to take a test drive? The vehicle you wish to drive will be sanitized before you take it out on the road, and again before being parked back on the lot.
  • Need to speak to a Financial Services Manager? We can contact you via phone, email, or text. In fact, you can get in touch with Finance here.

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